Off Center Ceramics Wedding Registry:

Something Old, Something New...

With a nod to all our friends and relatives in non-traditional relationships, we're defining "Wedding" to include Weddings of any stripe, Committment Ceremonies, or any other festive gathering where people pledge their love for each other in front of friends and family. Cake is optional. (This is a lie. Cake is never optional.)

The way this works: I'll have the happy couple's name, date, pottery wishes in terms of forms and patterns below. You'll email or telephone me at (541) 607-2708 (h) or (541) 543-7619 (c) to let me know what you would like to provide, and in what patterns. You can purchase an entire set, part of a set, one item or many. You may also choose to go in with family or friends on a larger gift, but in that case, I'd prefer that you choose one person to be my contact. Prices are listed, so you can budget accordingly.

I don't have a secure payment option on my website, so we'll either arrange for you to mail me a check, or to telephone me with a credit or debit card number. (Do not email me with credit card number! Email is not secure!)

I'll try to update every few days, so you'll know what's still available to gift. Thanks for bearing with me as we figure this out. Oh, the picture? Me and Denise, 26 years ago...

Name: Luke and Madhu/Miriam
Wedding date: June 3, 2017
Pattern(s): Here is our registry list. We'd like an assortment of different animals, really each piece could potentially be a different animal! We especially love the horses, cows, bunnies, foxes, puffins, lions, squirrels, chickens, roosters, lambs, oh shoot, All of Them!
Pottery we'd particularly like:
4 dinner plates ($28 each)
4 dessert plates ($23 each)
4 dinner salad bowls ($27 each)
4 soup bowls 2 soup bowls ($25 each)
4 tumblers ($23 each)
4 painted mugs 2 painted mugs ($23 each)
2 serving bowls-large 1 serving bowl-large ($50 each)
1 teapot ($65)
1 pitcher-large ($38)
1 gravy tureen ($30)
1 small covered crock ($28)
1 cookie jar-size 8-1/2" ($37)
1 batter bowl-small ($29)

For a closer look at the different forms, follow the Functional link at the Off Center Ceramics home page.

They like them, everybody! Good choices! Nice work!