About the Artist

My first experience with ceramics involved rolling marbles from the red clay sub-soil of our Wisconsin farm when I was about five years old. Attempts to bake them in the wood stove were not notably successful.

I received a BA in Art and Mathematics from Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin, an MFA-Ceramics from the University of Oregon in Eugene. I taught pottery and sculpture at the UO Craft Center for 14 years, and spent three years throwing production pottery on contract for another studio until I couldn't stand to see another spoon rest, ever.

My wife Denise and I started Off-Center Ceramics in 1993, selling our own work at the Eugene Saturday Market. Our original product line included cow and cat mugs, pig and elephant banks, pie plates, a few vases, and baking dishes. Since then we've diversified, with well over a hundred items and patterns, many of them described in these web pages

We now sell our work at fairs and shops all over Oregon and Washington, as well as at our tried and true Off-Center Ceramics Booth at the Saturday Market.

Frank A. Gosar
June, 2002