In Stock Right Now

We've done the official, end-of-year physical inventory, and oh boy, do I gotta make more pots.

This is current stock as of January 25, 2024. Don't expect new work before late February.


Soup bowls: bear, bunny, butterfly, cat, chickadee, cow, duck, elephant, flamingo, fox, frog, goat, hen, heron, hummingbird, raccoon, robin, rooster, salmon, sheep, squirrel
Toddler bowls: bunnies, cat, elephant, fawn, hen, horse, lamb, robin
Dinner salad bowls: bunnies, elephant, dragonfly, fox, hummingbird, raven, saw-whet owl
Stew mugs: bear, bison, bunnies, cardinal, cat, chickadee, cow, crab, deer, dragonfly, duck, elephant, fox, goat, hen, horses, hummingbird, moose, orca, robin, rooster
Painted mugs: bear, bunny, butterfly, cardinal, chickadee, dragonfly, duck, elephant, flamingo, fox, goat, hen, heron, horses, hummingbird, moose, robin, rooster, salmon, sheep, squirrel
Tall Mugs: chickadee, crane, koala, llama, raven, tiger, woodpecker, wombat
Tumblers: bear, bunny, chickadee, elephant, fox, frog, giraffe, hen, horse, hummingbird, kingfisher, koala, octopus, puffin, raven, rooster, squirrel, wolf
Pilsner glasses: bear, bunny, cat, chickadee, crab, dragonfly, elephant, frog, hen, horse, hummingbird, kingfisher, koala, octopus, otter, owl, raven, rooster, squirrel, wolf
Dinner plates: butterfly, deer, elephant, fox, otter, peacock
Dessert plates: mantis, raven, skunk, sloth
Dinner (individual) pasta bowls: fox, octopus, Stellar's jay

Cooking and Baking

Covered casseroles
Small: horses
Medium: horses
Large: elephant
Squared baking dishes
Small: elk
Large: sea turtle
Small oval bakers: bunnies, fox
Pie plates: elephant, elk, horse, hummingbird, koala, octopus, possum, sloth, rooster
Batter bowls
Small: fox
Large: fox, octopus
Mixing crocks: elephant, fox, owl
Large: bunny, elephant, horse
Small: bunny


Serving bowls
Extra-large: lions, sea turtle
Large: rhino
Medium: mountain goat
Small: out of stock
Round: out of stock
Oval: Out of stock
Pasta bowls: barn owl, bunnies, fox, hummingbird
Covered Pitchers: bunnies, elephant, fox, hummingbird, octopus
Large: elephant, owl
Medium: bunnies, fox, elephant, sea turtle
Creamers: fox, hummingbird, octopus, otter
Teapots: (4-cup) bunnies
Gravy tureens: duck, elephant, fox, hummingbird, rooster

Cookie jars
Small: great horned owl, squirrel
Medium: baby bear
Large: out of stock
Honey jars: bear, honeybee
French butter dishes: cow, elephant
Stick butter dishes: cows
Sugar bowls: dragonfly, rooster
Small covered crocks: out of stock
Canisters: octopus
Tool crocks: fox, hummingbird, octopus, squirrel

Banks: brontosaur, cat, chicken, frog, pig, rhino
Incense dragons
Cat food dishes: cats, of course
Yarn bowls: also cats
Coffee pour-over cones: rooster