The Song of the Marketing Bear

Anyone who knows me (perhaps especially my former children's music partner Hans Mayer) knows that I can get pretty silly under the most unlikely circumstances. I'm likely to break into song parodies about the cats, breakfast, pre-holiday-sale stress. Which is how I found myself regaling Denise, extempore, with a new song in the on the way to Holiday Market one Thanksgiving Friday morning in 2004.

People ask us why we always bring bears to the Market...

Well it's up in the morning, just after dawn
The sandwiches packed and the kettle is on
The Teddies are hiding, I don't quite know where
I've got to recruit me a Marketing Bear.

It's a hard life, with many a care
To sit in the booth as a Marketing Bear.

So it's off to the Market to stand and to smile
And try and entice all them folks in the aisle
The Teddy is dancing, he's catching the eye
Of the holiday shoppers as they're strolling by.

But their baby is crying, the sale sure looks lost
I've got to distract them no matter the cost
With me Marketing Bear, I still stand a chance
As he starts up the "Stop Crying Baby, Now" Dance.

It's a hard life, with many a care...

And if the day's slow and there aren't many sales
Nobody shops at a vendor who wails
So I smile at the people and turn on the charm
Whilst clutching my teddy tight under me arm.

It's a hard life, with many a care...

And when the day's over the pottery's sold
Our pockets all filled up with greenbacks and gold
Our Marketing Bear having weathered the test
Now crawls off to bed for a well-deserved rest.

But tomorrow at daylight we roll out anew
And tell them poor bears there's more selling to do
They mutter and grumble and say "What the h---"
But Holiday Market's on Sundays as well.

It's a hard life, with many a care
To sit in the booth as a Marketing Bear!

2004 Frank A. Gosar

Anyone wanting to hear the melody, offer me a record contract, or just pick up some whimsical and functional stoneware pottery can track us down on our Find Us page.

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